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Business Spotlight: Electric Ghost

May 7, 2019

Shannon and Brooks Tipton built their business, Electric Ghost, out of necessity. Brooks worked construction when he wasn’t playing keyboards for indie rock band Manchester Orchestra and touring with other local bands. The housing market crash of 2008 put a dent in the construction side of his career.

“I needed to supplement my income,” Brooks said. “I learned screen printing from a friend and started making shirts for our bands to sell on the road.”

His shirt designs proved popular, at home and on the road, and the idea for Electric Ghost was born. A recommendation from Brooks’ grandmother led the Tiptons to Arkansas Federal Credit Union, which provided the working capital to grow the business.

Not your typical shop, Electric Ghost screen prints specialty shirts but also features a home décor side that includes a plant lab. When he’s not on tour, Brooks run the shirt side. Shannon runs the home décor side, which specializes in tropical plants, succulents and cacti. The plant lab enables customers to pot their own plants.

“This side of our business shows off our personality and interest in unique ways,” Brooks said. “It gives customers a chance to have a hands-on experience and bring life to their homes and offices.”

From an idea hatched in their apartment, the business was launched in borrowed warehouse space in downtown Little Rock. It soon grew into its own dedicated retail space in the thriving Main Street corridor.

“When we took the leap from a warehouse space on my dad’s property to our new space, we needed to upgrade equipment and staff,” Brooks said. “Once we were in the space for about a year and growing at a rapid rate, we needed some working capital. Arkansas Federal was our first choice and has been very helpful along the way. We have a personal connection with the good people at Arkansas Federal and can see that we made the right choice.”

The unique shop has nine employees on staff and has seen grown each year since its inception in 2009. Brooks gives Arkansas Federal much of the credit for that growth.

“It truly does take a village to grow a small business and develop it into a success,” Brooks said. “Arkansas Federal has helped us out in ways that allowed us to keep our focus on the vision for our business. I like the community-driven, local aspect of using Arkansas Federal. I feel like I’m dealing with real people who know who I am and are genuinely excited to see our small business grow here in this progressive community.”