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Business Certificates

Hard work deserves high reward.

At Arkansas Federal Credit Union, we're serious about earning your business. That is why we are offering Business Members a great rate. That's smart money. Open your business certificate today. The certificate special is a limited time offer and won’t be around for long.

Certificate Options

Certificate1 Types Term APY1
Regular, Jumbo & IRA 3 months to 5 months


Regular, Jumbo & IRA 6 months to 11 months


Regular, Jumbo & IRA 12 months to 23 months 1.32%
Certificate Special - Limited-time offer! 18 months 2.35%2
Certificate Special - Limited-time offer! 18 months 2.20%3
Regular, Jumbo & IRA 24 months to 35 months 1.65%
Regular, Jumbo & IRA 36 months to 47 months 1.86%
Regular, Jumbo & IRA 48 months to 59 months 2.06%
Regular, Jumbo & IRA 60+ months 2.12%

1APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Refer to the fee schedule for full details. Federally insured by NCUA. Offer and rates are subject to change without notice. Early withdrawal will result in decreased APY. Early withdrawal penalties may apply.

218-Month Share Certificate: To qualify for 2.35% APY, you must have an active checking or health savings account. Active checking/health savings account is defined as having a direct deposit of $500 or greater to the checking/health savings account, or 10+ transactions per month in the respective checking/health savings. $1,000 minimum deposit of to open a share certificate account.

318-Month Share Certificate: 2.20% APY $1,000 minimum deposit to open a share certificate account.

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