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CURewards® Points

What are CURewards® points?

CURewards® points are points earned on your Visa® ATM/Debit or Credit card that can be redeemed for travel or merchandise. When you sign for a purchase on your Debit Card, you will earn 1 point for every 2 dollars spent. You can visit to check your point balance, browse the CURewards Mall, or redeem points for merchandise, travel, gift cards and cash back.*

First Time Signing In

The first time you sign in, you’ll need to visit the “Register” section at Enter your 16-digit Member Loyalty Rewards (MLR) number (this number will be 110004000 + your Arkansas Federal account number, preceded by as many zeroes as needed to make the account number 10 digits) and answer a few security questions.

For instance: If your account number is 1234567, your new MLR number would be 1100040001234567.

Signature Visa Credit Card accounts will use your 16-digit card number as your MLR number, instead of your member number.

Once you have registered with your MLR number and set your username and password to get into the CU Rewards system, you will be able to go back to the site and just enter your username and password from then on. By using the MLR number to register, your points for both Credit and Debit cards are added together into one points account.

Visit now.

*Only Signature Visa Credit Card accounts are eligible for Cash Back option and have points that do not expire unless account is closed prior to redemption.  All points earned on other Credit Card accounts and Debit Cards expire 36 months after the period they were earned.

External Payments and Transfers Center

Arkansas Payments and Transfers Center allows you to transfer funds from another institution to your Arkansas Federal account or loan.  It is a free and easy way to move money when and where you need it.  To get started today click on the login button below.

Payments and Transfers
Center Login

To make payments or transfers using your Arkansas Federal accounts please login to online banking or download our free mobile applications.

Text Banking

Arkansas Federal offers text banking! Log on to your account to enable this feature.

Once you have enrolled in Text Banking you can choose from a variety of commands based on what information you want text back to you. Below is a chart showing all of the commands and functions.

Text Command Options Information Received
BAL Account Balance
HIST Account History
XFER Transfer Funds Between Accounts
LIST List of Keywords
HELP Contact Points for Info on Text Banking
STOP Stops All Text Messages to your Device

Arkansas Federal's mobile app now has login capability with Touch ID on Apple iOS Devices with that capability. Once you are logged in, you can activate this feature from within your Setting, Security Preferences.

Automated Phone Service

By using telephone services such as Touch-Tone-Teller and AnswerLine you will feel more informed and in better control of your finances. Fast, convenient and user-friendly, Automated Telephone Services provide unlimited access to Arkansas Federal via any touch-tone telephone. If you do not have touch-tone service, use the pulse/tone switch found on most push button telephones to first dial the number on pulse and then switch to tone when the call is answered.

The 24-Hour Touch-Tone-Teller allows you to access your accounts via a touch-tone phone 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. With our 24-Hour Touch-Tone-Teller service, you can perform any number of routine transactions: check your balance, request a withdrawal from your account, transfer funds, and even make loan payments. It's all at your fingertips, and each transaction is free. It's as easy as pressing the buttons on your touch-tone telephone. Simply call Touch-Tone-Teller at 501-982- AFCU (2328) or 800-982-AFCU (2328) and let the automated teller guide you step-by-step through your transaction. If you do not have touch-tone service, use the pulse/tone switch found on most push button telephones to first dial the number on pulse and then switch to tone when the call is answered.

Once you have accessed Touch-Tone-Teller, you will be guided step-by-step through your transaction. Remember to press the # sign after each entry.

Start by calling the Touch-Tone-Teller number in Central Arkansas: 501-982-2328 or Toll Free: 800-982-2328

Enter your account number

Enter your access code - this is the four-digit secret number that only you know. (For first time users this code will be the last 4-digits of your social security number; follow the prompts to establish a new password. Then press the # sign.