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Devin Sims

Lowell, AR - 2016

After not getting the help he needed with a home loan from another credit union, Devin Sims found Arkansas Federal Credit Union. His financial portfolio is all the better because he did. While helping with his home purchase, loan officers at Arkansas Federal’s Rogers location devised a plan to help Devin not only buy a house but consolidate debt and save money.

“My previous bank never would have gone through the trouble,” he said. In addition to his home loan, Devin moved his checking and savings accounts to Arkansas Federal, refinanced his car at Arkansas Federal, and received a home equity line of credit at Arkansas Federal.

The Rogers fireman packed a lot into his first three years as an Arkansas Federal member. “Arkansas Federal is very friendly, and its employees really get to know you on a first name basis,” Devin said. “They have patience and will help you figure out a loan to fit your needs.”

Valerie Pickens

Bryant, AR - 2008

Word of mouth led Valerie Pickens to Arkansas Federal Credit Union; its better rates and customer service kept her coming back to do more business. A member since 2007, Valerie began with a savings account and has since secured two personal loans, a car loan, a low-interest credit card and a home loan through Arkansas Federal.

“Besides the location which is conveniently located close to my job, I really love how everyone is so friendly and willing to help with my banking needs,” she said.

“Concerned about her credit rating after a divorce, Valerie found Arkansas Federal as helpful as ever with personal loans and a mortgage.

“Because I was a member, they worked with me on my personal loans with affordable payments.” Valerie was comfortable expressing her needs and concerns with the mortgage professionals at Arkansas Federal.

“What should have taken one hour took three because I had a lot of questions,” Valerie said. “Tery was very professional, kind and patient with me. She walked me through the entire process and was even present on my closing day. I am very thankful I listened and chose Arkansas Federal for all my banking needs.”

Erica and Jason Ives

Alexander, AR - 2003

Erica Ives was a “military brat” who joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating from high school in Delaware and ultimately finding herself stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base. The base’s long history with Arkansas Federal Credit Union helped convince her to move all her banking to Arkansas Federal. Twenty years later, she’s happy she did. Arkansas Federal helped make the Natural State feel like home for someone who moved often as a child.

"They’ve just made banking easy,” she said. “They’ve had a location every place I’ve lived since I’ve been here.”  And that includes Alexander, where Erica and husband Jason built a new home thanks to a loan from Arkansas Federal.

"Terry was amazing with the loan; she had answers to every question, and if she didn’t have one right away, she had it within 24 hours,” Erica said. “Arkansas Federal always handles just what I need right on the spot."

Brian Porter

Greenbrier, AR - 2016

Brian Porter was looking for a new bank after his divorce, and many of his co-workers recommended Arkansas Federal Credit Union. Word of mouth was so strong, in fact, that Brian decided to visit the Conway office even though he expected to find “just another bank.” What he found at Arkansas Federal was something entirely different.

In the aftermath of the divorce, Brian’s expectations were low. His credit had taken a hit and he didn’t expect to be approved for a mortgage. “But Katherine fought for me tooth and nail,” he said. “She was like, ‘Let’s do this. Let’s get you a house.’ She followed through multiple times, and she got it done.”

Brian’s co-workers told him Arkansas Federal was “the best” for home and auto loans, and his new Greenbrier home is testament. A member for more than two years, Brian now does all his banking at Arkansas Federal. “Arkansas Federal definitely exceeded my expectations,” he said.

Aaron Bunch

Mayflower, AR - 2017

Needing space for family, Aaron Bunch and his wife were ready to trade in apartment living for a new home. Aaron knew the process could be exhausting.

“We had owned several homes in the past, so I was anxious about going through the whole process of getting a loan,” he said. “I had always worked with banks to secure the loan and while they did an adequate job, the process was always long and cumbersome. But we needed to get a house, so I was ready for the punishment.”

Thanks to a suggestion from his brother-in-law, Aaron reached out to Arkansas Federal Credit Union and loan officer Tery Young.

“I met with Tery and we got the ball rolling,” he said. “I must say I was pleasantly surprised at just how fast and easy the process played out. I submitted the documents needed and in no time, we were approved and ready to make an offer on a house.”

Aaron said Tery explained everything thoroughly and kept him informed every step of the way.

“She answered any questions and even made several helpful suggestions through the whole process,” he said. “I was very happy with the service and professionalism. Thus, it is without reservation or qualification that I highly recommend Arkansas Federal for all you loan needs.”

Chloe Cox

Sherwood, AR - 2015

As a first-time home buyer, Chloe Cox was anxious about the mortgage process. Having financed her car through Arkansas Federal Credit Union, she knew where she needed to look first for her home loan.

Mortgage loan officer Debbie Wilmarth eased her through the process. “I was extremely nervous because I had never gone through the process before, but she was there for me every step of the way,” Chloe said. “She made sure to check in with me occasionally and was quick to answer any questions that I had.”

“When things out of Chloe’s control threatened to postpone the closing, Debbie worked to make sure the closing went off without a hitch and was even there with her at the closing. “I don't know what I would have done without her; she was very knowledgeable, approachable and easy to work with,” Chloe said.

“Chloe knows that Debbie and other employees of Arkansas Federal go out of their way for members, and that distinguishes it from other institutions.

“I enjoy being a member of Arkansas Federal because they are always helpful when I need something,” she said. “If someone doesn't know the answer, they will work until they find someone who does know the answer to my questions. I have had a positive experience working with Arkansas Federal because their customer service is spectacular.”

Cathy Christian

Russellville, AR - 2010

Longtime Arkansas Federal Credit Union members Cathy and Michael Christian are proud repeat customers. They’ve financed two home loans, two auto loans, and they maintain a savings account through Arkansas Federal. The couple recently closed on a second home loan. The Christians were so satisfied with the first one and the good interest rate that came with it, sticking with Arkansas Federal for their second home loan seemed like a no-brainer. Now the Christians have a 15/15 adjustable rate mortgage with an interest rate they believe is lower than would’ve been available at a bigger bank or financial institution.

Exceptional customer service is an emphasis at Arkansas Federal, and loan consultant Debbie Wilmarth made sure the process through this latest one was a no-hassle journey. “Debbie is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and gave us personal attention,” Cathy said. “When I had questions, she got right back to me.”

The Christians trust their mortgage will stay at Arkansas Federal, and that’s important to them. When they bought their first house in 2003, they went through a mortgage company. Cathy said the loan got sold three times in a year. In fact, trust in Arkansas Federal is never an issue in any capacity for the Christians. “With Arkansas Federal, when I have questions, I can always get answers,” Cathy said. “No matter what, they’re always friendly. I’ve never had any problems with my accounts. I continue to trust Arkansas Federal and recommend them all the time.”

Robyn Spence

Bryant, AR - 1998

When it came time to shop for a mortgage, longtime Arkansas Federal member Robyn Spence’s first step was an obvious one. “I had been divorced for two years, so I was very apprehensive about the idea of making such a large investment on my own,” she said. “I went to the Arkansas Federal website and searched for information on home mortgages.” From there, she reached out to loan officer Tery Young, and her journey to home ownership was underway. Although home buying can represent a stressful time, Robyn experienced a worry-free process through Arkansas Federal and even emerged from it with little out-of-pocket expense.

“Tery was absolutely fabulous from the very beginning,” she said. “She answered every one of my questions promptly. Her expertise put me at ease throughout the entire process.” Tery even came to the closing with a housewarming basket.

“It included a bluetooth speaker,” Robyn said. “Every morning when I listen to music while getting ready for work, I smile knowing that I found the exact right house at the exact right time.” 

Robyn notes that while Arkansas Federal was always the preferred provider for her mortgage, she did compare rates at other institutions. “Arkansas Federal was the lowest,” she said. “I was really happy because I didn't want to use anyone other than Arkansas Federal.”

Candy Wilkerson

Capitol Smokehouse - Little Rock - 2017

Capitol Smokehouse in downtown Little Rock dishes out some of the city’s best barbecue along with special, home-style lunch plates that attract government and corporate workers throughout the city’s central business district.

And lunch carries the restaurant, opened in 2008 by Candy Wilkerson and her late husband, Doug. Open Monday through Friday from 11-2 and located just three blocks from the state capitol, downtown workers and state government employees flock to the Smokehouse for lunch.

Just as downtown pedestrians sometime end up at the Smokehouse after starting out with another destination in mind, so the Wilkersons came to Arkansas Federal. They opened the business with the help of Roane Ashmore at another local bank, and when Roane left to join the Arkansas federal team, he recruited them to make the move as well.

They were happy to follow him, and even happier by what they found at Arkansas Federal. Roane refinanced their business loan at Arkansas Federal and got them a better rate. Now Candy does all her banking – business and personal – at Arkansas Federal.

“We had a good, solid relationship with Roane,” she said. “We knew he would take care of us. He’s always been straight forward with me.”

As he was about the deal he could provide at Arkansas Federal. And there’s a big cherry on top -- Arkansas Federal’s downtown office is located just down the street from Capitol Smokehouse. Candy can step outside her door and see it.

“Location-wise, Arkansas Federal is really convenient,” she said. “And how it goes above and beyond for its customers really surprised me.”