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System Upgrade


AFCU is in the process of converting member information onto a new system, which will take place April 28 – May 1, 2017. The long-awaited system upgrade will be mostly transparent to members, but there will be a few changes and limitations that will impact members. 

AFCU’s current system has served us well for the past 20+ years, and it’s now time to upgrade to a system that will allow us to provide better member experiences through faster and more convenient service, and will continue to have easy-to-understand member statements. Changing systems is disruptive and expensive so before we decided to move forward with an upgrade, we spent many months researching and reviewing new systems to ensure that the system chosen would significantly improve our future capabilities and keep up with our members’ changing needs.

Based on the planning and preparations completed by AFCU employees, we are confident the upgrade to the new system will cause as little disruption to our members as possible. And the most difficult and disruptive portion of the upgrade already occurred last year when we upgraded our Online Banking and Mobile Banking platforms to the systems that are being used by members today.

In order to complete our system upgrade, most points of service will be unavailable from close of business Friday, April 28 – 5 p.m., Monday, May 1. This includes:

  • Online and mobile banking

  • Online bill pay

  • Touch-Tone teller

  • All AFCU Service Centers

  • Member Contact Center

AFCU debit and credit cards will be available for ATM transactions and normal online and in-store purchases.

As part of the system upgrade, all AFCU accounts will be assigned a new, unique account number. As we get closer to the upgrade, all members will be receiving information on what their new account numbers will be for each account, including all checking, savings and loans.  Each account will have a unique number. For many, your new account number(s) will look familiar, as it is a variation of your current member number.

There will be no need to order new checks or update your existing direct deposits or automatic payments.  These will continue to work as they do today.

With the new upgraded system, AFCU members can expect:

  • Changes that will lead to faster, more efficient member service

  • Improved level of service due to streamlined processes

  • Better service for business owners with increased commercial capability to further support business relationships

  • Employees who can help you with your questions more efficiently since they will be able to view all of the accounts you are associated with at the credit union.

  • New technology. For example, you will now be able to sign documents electronically.

  • Ability to offer enhancements to products and services and bring those to you quicker through increased functionality

How to Prepare

  • Note the system upgrade dates on your calendar.

  • Carefully read all email and mail communications from AFCU. All notices regarding the upgrade will be clearly indicated on the front of the envelope or the subject line of the email to help you separate upgrade notices from other email and mail you may receive from AFCU.

  • Call the Member Contact Center or visit a service center with any questions or concerns prior to conversion weekend. Please note that in the days immediately before and following the conversion, we anticipate longer lines in our branches and longer hold times to the Member Contact Center due to higher call volumes.

  • Schedule online/mobile banking and bill pay transactions in advance of the system upgrade date.

  • In advance of the upgrade, download copies of any cleared checks you may need.

  • Check your available balances by 5 p.m., Friday, April 28 because you will not have access to view your account balances over that weekend. Your account balances will be available to view on Monday, May 1, and any card activity from the weekend will be reflected in your balances.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a system upgrade necessary?

Our current member information system has served us well for the last 20+ years, but has also become antiquated and labor intensive when it comes to the day to day needs of our credit union and its membership.  In order to remain relevant in this industry and offer our members the best experience possible we had to look to more modern and technologically advanced systems to propel our credit union forward and provide us with greater flexibility and functionality.  The new system will pave the way for streamlining current processes and for enhancements to many current and future products and services that we offer to our members.

When will this upgrade occur?

The evening of Friday, April 28, 2017 – Monday, May 1, 2017.  The credit union will close Friday evening as usual and will reopen for business on Tuesday, May 2 2017.  Service Center locations may open on Monday, May 1, as they are able to do so and notification will be made of this through social media updates and our website. 

During this time period: 

  • You may continue to use your credit and debit cards

  • ATMs will be available

  • The Contact Center and all other Service Center locations will be closed

  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and our Touch Tone Teller service will be not be available until Monday, May 1


  • Ensure we have your most current contact information, including email, phone number, and address

  • Visit periodically for complete information and up-to-date news throughout this project as well as throughout the upgrade weekend.

  • We anticipate longer lines in our service centers and increased call volume to the Contact Center during the days following this upgrade, so our service levels will be impacted.Please note that our staff will be diligently working to serve you but that it will take longer than normal.

  • Check your available account balances before Friday, April 28 because you will not have access to view your balances during this weekend.Your account balances will be available to view on Monday, May 1.

Will my Account Number change?

Your member number will remain the same, but your account number will change.  Instead of the 1 -3 digit suffix numbers used to identify accounts today – you will receive a unique account number for each account.  Savings and loan accounts will be based on your member number and suffix numbers for those accounts.  Checking accounts will be based on your current checking MICR number.  We will be sending you a separate notification that will outline your new account numbers.  If you have multiple memberships, then the “oldest” member number will become your new member number for all primary account relationships – this situation will also be outlined in a separate notification to those members impacted.

Will I need to update my direct deposit(s) or automatic payments?

No.  For your convenience, we have set up your existing direct deposits and automatic payments to be routed properly after the upgrade.  However, when setting up new direct deposits and automatic payments after April 30, 2017, you should use your new account number(s).

Will I need to order new checks?

No, your current checks will continue to work properly.

How is my member number different from my account number?

You will only have one member number.  It is used to enroll on Online and Mobile Banking and to access our 24-hour Touch Tone Teller.  You may have multiple account numbers because you have a unique account number for each product you have with AFCU (checking account, auto loan, etc.).  Your account number is used for direct deposits, automatic payments, transfers, and other transaction-related activity.

Will I continue to receive multiple statements if I have more than one member number?

No.  We will consolidate primary account relationships into one member number so you will receive one statement that will include all of your primary account relationships on that statement. 

Will I continue to receive a separate credit card statement?

Yes-this will continue to be a separate statement.

Will I be able to access during the upgrade weekend?

Yes.  You can access our website, but online banking functionality that requires you to log in will not be available after the close of business on Friday, April 28, until Monday, May 1.

If I put something in the Night Deposit box after close of business on Friday, April 28, when will it be processed?

Any item(s) put into a Night Deposit box after the close of business Friday, April 28, will be processed by Tuesday, May 2.