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Rates as low as 7.50% APR APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. As of 10/10/2023, the quoted interest rate assumes a first-lien, 75% loan-to-value (LTV), 60-month term, and a minimum credit score 740. Credit criteria apply. The actual interest rate, APR, and payment may vary based on the specific terms of the loan selected, verification of information, credit history, and collateral. Offer is subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply. Membership with Arkansas Federal is required for this offer..

Need cash? If you’re a homeowner you may already have it. With home values rising, chances are the value of your home has gone up, which means you could be sitting on a lot of equity. Turn it into cash with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Use it to make home improvements, consolidate debt, and more!


Rolling your bills into one can make debt easier to manage, save you a lot of money, and help pay down debt faster.Consult with your tax advisor regarding interest deductibility as tax rules change.

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Not sure how much your project(s) will cost? No problem. A HELOC allows you to borrow funds overtime as needed.

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Low Cost

Because HELOCs are secured, you’ll enjoy a lower interest rate than personal loans, credit cards, or other types of unsecured loans. 

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Easy Access

We make it easy to access your funds when you need them. Use our app to make payments easily, get an advance on your HELOC funds, and more.

What could you use a HELOC for?

Upgrade your home.

Upgrade your home with additions, repairs, and renovations. And unlike a credit card, the interest you pay may be tax deductible.

Consolidate Your Debt.

A HELOC interest rate is likely to be lower than your revolving credit cards, saving you on interest. By consolidating your high-interest debt with a HELOC, you’ll have just one bill instead of several—one payment and one due date.

Pay for College

Are you or your children heading off to college? Or do you have hefty private student loan debt? A HELOC can help you manage the costs.

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