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Fraud Protection


Fraud protection with Positive Pay: Add an extra layer of security and reduce fraud risk by enrolling in Arkansas Federal’s Positive Pay. Enjoy peace of mind—delivered daily—knowing that you can mitigate risk, reduce losses, and increase account security.

Features & Benefits


Identify fraud more quickly and enjoy the flexibility to set payment rules using filters and blocks that work for your specific business.

Peace of Mind

Ensure only valid transactions occur and receive alerts when a transaction doesn’t meet your predetermined criteria.


Review ACH and check transactions to detect unauthorized payments to your account.

More Great Benefits

Fraud Protection

Positive Pay can identify check and ACH discrepancies and irregularities, compare them with your authorized list to help protect you from fraud.

Reporting Tools

Positive Pay offers useful reports to track check and ACH payments, including exception reports for unmatched checks or ACH payments and issued reports for a list of all payments issued by your business.

Timely Notification and Resolution

Positive Pay provides timely notification if a discrepancy in check or ACH information is detected, allowing you to take swift action to verify the payment’s authenticity.

Compliance and Regulatory Standards

Positive Pay can help your business comply with finance controls and help protect your business from fraud. This can reduce penalties and increase confidence in your operations.

Liability Shift

Without Positive Pay, you, the business owner, are typically responsible for honoring fraudulent payments. With Positive Pay, though, liability shifts to the paying bank or the party presenting the fraudulent check or ACH. This reduces financial losses and provides extra protection against fraud.

Enhanced Reputation and Trust

By actively prioritizing financial security, you’re helping to develop and strengthen your reputation while also building trust with important stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and partners.

Why Choose Arkansas Federal for your Business Banking?

Our Treasury Management Department collaborates closely with businesses to ensure that their challenges are addressed in an efficient manner. We offer a range of services, including single-source access, personalized assistance, and time-saving products, to provide every business with thorough, round-the-clock banking solutions that work whenever they need them. 
Unlike bigger banks, we provide businesses with a direct line of contact to a dedicated professional for all their treasury management requirements. Our professionals are readily available to address concerns and answer questions promptly, ensuring that businesses receive the attention they deserve.

Getting Started

There are two options to choose from—Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay. Choose one or both, based on your business needs.

How Check Positive Pay Works

  1. Create an online file with each check’s serial number, dollar amount, and status.
  2. Arkansas Federal will verify the checks and notify you by email and text if any records do not match

How ACH Positive Pay Works

  1. Create a list of companies that are approved to debit your account and a list of those that aren’t.
  2. Arkansas Federal will notify you by email and text if any unapproved company debits your account.

Contact us at 800.456.3000 or visit a location near you to learn more or sign up for Positive Pay.

*Positive Pay available beginning October 21, 2022. Requires enrollment in Business Online Banking. For additional information, refer to disclosures at account opening and the Business Schedule of Fees.

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