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Authorized User


Adding an authorized user means you are granting permission for another person to make purchases using your existing Arkansas Federal Credit Union credit card account. The authorized user will receive a card in their own name, and a unique 16-digit card number. An authorized user is not ultimately responsible for the debt, the primary credit card account holder, as well as any co-borrower, is. Also, the authorized user does not have all the same privileges as the primary account holder. For example, the authorized user cannot add or delete cardholders or make any changes or terminate the existing credit card agreement.

The authorized user does have the ability to report their card lost/stolen and request a replacement card. Additionally, the authorized user’s information will not be reported to any of the major credit reporting agencies.

There’s no additional cost to add an authorized user(s) to your account; and all you need is the user’s name, address, date of birth, and phone number to get them set up. To add an authorized user to your Arkansas Federal credit card account please visit your local branch or call 800.456.3000.

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