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Card Defend


Card Defend lets you decide when, where and how your Arkansas Federal debit or credit card is used.

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Restrict transactions based on merchant type or geographic location

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Receive alerts when your card is used, declined or exceeds limits you set

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24/7 Access

Turn your Arkansas Federal debit or credit card on or off whenever you want

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Establish a dollar range that will allow or decline transactions

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Download the Card Defend App

Decide when, where and how your Arkansas Federal debit or credit card is used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Card Defend?

You can access Card Defend from the Arkansas Federal mobile app by selecting Card Defend from the menu.

Can I use the Card Defend feature on more than one device?

Yes, however, the companion apps must be installed and you will be required to choose one device as a primary device. You can change the primary device at login from any device.

How long does it take for a control setting to take effect?

Controls take effect immediately after enabling/disabling and/or setting the required options for the control.

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