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Internet Cookies and the New Online Banking

Our new online and mobile banking checks for a “cookie” each time a member logs in.  With increased security comes an increase in the need for our members too….

If a member successfully logged in from that device in the past, and the member chose to “register” that specific device for logins, then the member continues to their account homepage. When you “register” your device, a cookie is stored.  If there is no cookie, the member will be prompted to go through the Secure Access Code process upon each login.

Our goal is to protect your accounts.  We want everyone to know that this “inconvenience” is a necessary extra step toward protecting your from fraud and identity theft.

Complex passwords

Complex passwords are the first line of defense against this takeover.  Cookies are the second line of defense and provide an extra layer of protection for members who may not use more difficult-to-guess passwords.

By looking for a cookie, it verifies that the login attempt is from a known and registered device. If the device was not previously registered to be “remembered,” then to complete a login the user has to “prove” that they are a member by accessing a code that is delivered via a phone call, email or text message. This line of security is invaluable in protecting you, the member, and your credit union.

Having trouble getting your computer or other device to “remember” your online banking sessions? To avoid putting in a Secure Access Code over-and-over again from trusted computers, two things must happen:

  1. First, the device or browser must allow cookies. Chances are that your browser is currently set to reject all cookies, and that means you would always have to put in a Secure Access Code. You can easily check the browser settings to “allow cookies.”
  2. Second, the device must keep the cookie. Certain anti-virus or PC cleaning programs will run regularly and delete all cookies from your computer. Within these types of anti-virus or cleaning programs there is always an option to protect certain “trusted cookies” so that they are not deleted. The cookie you want to protect is from

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