Online Banking

Digital Payments


Instead of carrying your credit and debit cards around, you can now pay at millions of stores, make online purchases and use mobile apps. No actual plastic required.

Apple Pay
Samsung Pay
Google Pay

Faster Checkout

No need to locate your plastic (or even have it with you). Just open the app and place your device over the card reader. That’s it. You will be able to track your charges within online banking – the same way you currently track charges made via debit or credit cards.

More Secure

When using any of these mobile wallets to your phone, none of your Arkansas Federal data (account numbers, names, security codes) is provided to the merchant. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing your card or having it stolen. It’s all digital and secured through the security features you have built into your smartphone.


Make purchases in stores, in apps and on the web. Millions of retailers already accept mobile wallet payments and acceptance grows everyday. Plus, there are no fees to use any of these mobile wallet services.

Do More on the Go

Download the Arkansas Federal mobile app today.

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