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Safe Deposit Box


Lock in peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and secure in a Safe Deposit Box. From storing treasured family heirlooms, jewelry, photos, valuable documents, and more, there are few places as secure.

Features & Benefits

Maximum Security

All Safe Deposit Boxes are stored in a maximum-security vault.

Complete Privacy

Box is only accessible to the key holder, who is properly identified by ID and signature. 


With safe deposit boxes available at most of our branches, it’s quick and easy to access.

Safe Deposit Box Options

We offer multiple safe deposit locations across our convenient locations. Choose from a variety of sizes at a reasonable rate.*

Size (in inches)Rental Fee
3x5x24$30 per year
3x10x24$45 per year
5x5x24$40 per year
4x10x24$60 per year
10x10x24$105 per year

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For availability and locations, give us a call at 800.456.300 or visit your local branch.

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