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Meet Ava

Ava is your friendly virtual assistant. Programmed with hundreds of responses, there’s no need to call or wait in line for general banking questions. Just reach out to Ava.

Where do I find Ava?

Simply, click on the “Let’s talk!” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

What is Ava?

Ava is a virtual assistant. She is not a real person. She is available to answer your basic credit union and financial questions. All answers given by Ava are automated.

What can Ava help with?

Ava can help with general banking questions such as navigating the website, showing you where to find current rates, directing you on how to check the status of a loan, getting your branch details, finding the nearest branch or ATM, and more.

How should I interact with Ava?

Simply ask her a question. She responds best to short phrases, and just one question at a time. You can ask things like, “Where do I find the status of my loan?” or “Where do I apply for a loan online?” and Ava will help get you there. Keep in mind, that all the answers given by Ava are automated. You are not interacting with a real person. However, if she’s not able to answer your question, she can connect you with a live agent during normal business hours.

Do I need to share my personal information?

No, please do not share personal information with Ava. Since Ava’s job is to direct you to answers, she cannot help with specific questions tied to your individual account(s).

Why is Arkansas Federal using Ava?

Arkansas Federal aims to assist members in the quickest and most efficient manner. So, if you’re looking for a quick answer to something that you just can’t find on your own, such as our current mortgage rates, Ava can point you in the right direction.

Can I speak to real person, instead?

Yes, if Ava is unable to help with your questions, Ava can transfer or connect you with one of our local Arkansas Federal team members during our normal hours.

Is there a fee or cost to use Ava?

No, Ava is a complimentary virtual assistant offered to all Arkansas Federal members and prospects.

What languages does Ava respond to?

Ava is currently only able to understand and respond in English.

Will Ava be able to answer and respond to more questions in the future?

Yes, Ava will have additional capabilities continuously added. Ava has a dedicated team that constantly looks at opportunities to improve and enhance Ava’s options and features.

Can Ava assist with opening a new membership or loan?

Yes, Ava can point you to our online platform for membership and loan applications.

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