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Best Credit Cards To Build Credit


Getting a credit card may be an excellent solution if you’re looking for an easy way to build your credit. There are many credit card options to help, whether you’re just starting or want to continue developing your existing credit.

Everyone has a different credit situation, and choosing the right card for you could be challenging to decide on your own. On top of that, there are so many credit card options out there that deciding which one is right for you can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re interested in a low rate, cash back, or secure credit cards, Arkansas Federal Credit Union has you covered. 

Why Get A Credit Card? 

If you’ve never had a credit card, you may ask yourself, “If I’ve made it this far without one, then why do I need one?” Credit cards offer a multitude of benefits that you can’t get from a regular debit card or cash. When done right, building your credit with a credit card can be one the safest and easiest ways to develop and maintain your credit. 

Whether you are building up your credit score to get your dream home or auto loan, using a credit card is one of the simplest ways to boost your score. Additionally, building credit with a credit card is a great way to set yourself up for success in years to come. 

Arkansas Federal makes it easy to find the right credit card for your finances. To get started, you should know a little more about our options and how each can help you boost your credit.

Credit Building Card Options 

Finding the right card for you may seem overwhelming with endless card options. Arkansas Federal makes it easy to pick the right credit card option by offering multiple credit card options. Whether you are trying to start building credit, get cash back, or improve your current low credit score, we have options just for you. 

We make it easy for you to get started with us! Call us at 800.456.3000 or visit your local branch to experience the difference banking with Arkansas Federal can make. 

Platinum Classic Mastercard®

If you are looking for the perfect credit card for everyday use, look no further than Arkansas Federal’s Platinum Classic Mastercard®! This card offers low rates with no annual fees, making it a great way to build up your credit quickly. This low-rate credit card has unique benefits to help you in your credit-building journey, especially if you’re new to credit cards and are worried about fraud and financial safety. 

$0 Liability For Fraudulent Charges

Rest assured, you are protected against unauthorized charges made with your card or your account information. Our $0 liability helps protect you from credit card fraud if your card gets stolen at any time or under other extenuating circumstances. If you notice an unauthorized transaction to your account, give us a call and report it as soon as possible. We will then review your account with you and initiate a dispute for the unauthorized transaction(s). Certain restrictions do apply, though. Visit for more details. 

Control Spending With My Cards  

Arkansas Federal’s credit cards come with additional defense with My Cards. This feature lets you decide where, when, and how you can use your credit card. This Arkansas Federal feature helps restrict certain transactions depending on location and merchant type. My Cards also allows you to set up alerts for multiple instances, like exceeding your limit when your card is used or declined. 

You will also have 24/7 access to turn your card on or off at your convenience. Find My Cards wherever you use Digital Banking

Never Lose Your Card With Digital Wallet 

The digital wallet is an excellent feature if you are constantly on the go and worried about losing your card, whether on vacation or heading for a fun night out with family and friends. Arkansas Federal lets you access your information via smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about losing your card. This card makes it easy to complete fast check-outs in-store or online and is accessible for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. 

Arkansas Federal doesn’t allow any of your personal information (including account number, codes, or names) to show to the merchant, making the digital wallet a safe and reliable option for accessing your card information whenever and wherever you want.

More Features For Easy Credit Card Management

Our low-interest rate credit cards also give you access to our online and mobile banking app for easy access to your account information. We also offer identity theft resolution services, so if you should become a victim of identity theft, we will notify you, and Mastercard® will help you through the process. If you love to travel, the global service will provide you with around-the-clock service, emergency replacement cards, and assistance locating nearby ATMs. 

Mastercard’s Priceless Cities feature was created for the ultimate travel experience. Whether you’re exploring museums, restaurants, tours, or special events, this card will help you create happy and lasting memories. You will also gain access to the airport concierge service, where you will be greeted and escorted throughout the airport, whether you are departing, catching a connecting flight, or arriving. These features make Arkansas Federal’s Platinum Classic Mastercard® one of the best cards to build credit. 

World Mastercard®

If you are interested in building up your established credit, Arkansas Federal’s World Mastercard® is the perfect option. This card option is also one of the best cash-back credit card options. The World Mastercard® is ideal for the ultimate traveler, earning 2% cash back with no annual fees. Just like the Platinum Classic Mastercard®, this credit card offers: 

  • $0 Liability 
  • My Cards 
  • Digital Wallett 
  • Mobile & Online Banking 

Our World Mastercard® also features identity theft resolution services to help you complete safe and easy transactions. You can even apply for this card in under 10 minutes! Here are some other great features you can get when signing up for a World Mastercard® with Arkansas Federal.

uChoose Rewards 

Get rewarded each time you use your World Mastercard through uChoose Rewards! For every dollar you spend, you earn two reward points. Rack up those points and redeem them for gift cards, merchandise, or even cash! 

Lost or Damaged Luggage Benefits

Have we mentioned our credit card options are great for travelers? Whether your luggage got delayed in transit, lost, or damaged, Mastercard® will reimburse you. If you’re looking to build up your existing credit or earn cash back throughout your everyday life and traveling, the World Mastercard® was made just for you. Learn why so many Arkansans choose to get a credit card through Arkansas Federal and contact us today. 

Platinum Secure Mastercard® 

Whether you’re looking to rebuild your credit or get your first credit card, the Platinum Secure Mastercard® is a great place to start. What makes this card option perfect for first-time card users? The Platinum Secure Mastercard® reports monthly to all three major credit bureaus. A secured credit card to build credit is one of the easiest ways to establish your credit and the Platinum Secure Mastercard® offers no annual or over-limit fees. 

Like Arkansas Federal’s other card options, the Platinum Secure card offers many benefits to help you in your day-to-day life and travel. Going cashless just got easier, and paying your bills on time is guaranteed to set you up for a positive credit-building journey. Some significant benefits offered through the Platinum Secure Mastercard® include: 

  • My Cards 
  • Mastercard® Global Service 
  • Mastercard® Priceless Cities 
  • Airport Concierge 
  • Identity Theft Resolution Services

These benefits and more are available when you decide to open a credit card with Arkansas Federal. If you’re looking to build up your existing credit or start from scratch, the Platinum Secure Mastercard® is an excellent option for first-time card holders. 

How To Find The Best Card For You 

The best way to build credit with a credit card is to select the card that matches your needs best. Choosing the right card can feel overwhelming with so many options available, depending on your credit history. Some tips for guaranteeing you select the best credit card for you include: 

These reasons can help you determine the best card option for your financial situation. Whether you want to continue building your credit, have bad credit, or even have no credit, the right card is out there for you.

Why Choose Arkansas Federal Credit Cards To Build Your Credit? 

Arkansas Federal offers a variety of credit card options for all your credit building and financial needs. Enjoy low rates and access all the perks of getting a credit card through us. Whether you have poor credit or have never built credit before, Arkansas Federal offers card options unique to your needs. Applying for a credit card with us is as easy as it gets. Our application takes about 10 minutes to complete and will help set you up for a successful credit-building process.
Contact us today to learn more about your credit card options and why so many Arkansans choose to bank local with Arkansas Credit Federal Union.

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