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Own a Business? Find the Best Business Checking Account for You


Hey there, entrepreneur! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably embarked on the exciting journey of running a business, and a huge part of that is keeping your finances organized. With that, have you ever thought about the checking account your business uses? It’s kind of like choosing the best shoes for a marathon. The right choice can make all the difference.  

Lucky for you, we have two great options that make managing your business finances as simple as possible and allow you to earn on your balance or get cashback on your debit card transactions—Choice and Premier checking. But what’s the difference, and which is best for your business? Let’s compare the two.  

Why Business Checking?  

While using your personal bank account for business expenses might seem convenient initially, it can quickly become a juggling act. To ensure the utmost security and control over your finances, we strongly recommend opening a dedicated business bank account. Now, let’s explore why our Choice and Premium checking accounts are the ideal solutions for your business.  

How Do They Work?  

Both Business Choice and Premier Checking work like a standard checking account. You can deposit and withdraw money, pay bills, enjoy the ease of a debit card, write checks, and more, but depending on how you use the account, you can choose between either earning on your balance or earning cash back when you use your debit card.  

Choice or Premier? What’s the Same, and What’s Different? 

First, let’s talk about the similarities. With both accounts, you can enjoy: 

  • Low Opening Deposit. With just $100, you can open an account.  
  • $0 Min. Balance Requirements. There are no minimum balance requirements to worry about.  
  • Earn Each Month. You can enjoy earnings on your balance or cash back automatically deposited monthly into your account.  
  • Federally Insured Funds. The NCUA federally insures all deposit accounts up to $250,000 per depositor. 
  • Easy Deposits. Conveniently deposit checks with your mobile device or scanner without visiting a branch.  
  • 24/7 Account Access. Manage your business account anytime with convenient online bill pay and online wires1 using digital banking.  
  • Manage Cards. With My Cards, you can quickly turn your business cards (debit and credit) on and off, set spending limits, receive text alerts, and more.  
  • Access to Positive Pay. With either account, you can access Positive Pay, our fraud mitigation service that helps mitigate risk, reduce losses, and increase account security.  

Now, let’s tackle the differences. With Business Choice Checking, you’ll earn unlimited cash back every time you use your debit card—earning 10¢ for each transaction of $5 or more.2 While. Business Premier Checking offers an impressive monthly earning rate as high as 2.50% APY3 on your balance.  

Choice Checking Premier Checking 
Earn 10¢ for each transaction of $5 or more2 $0 monthly maintenance fee when enrolled in eStatements4 100 free paper transactions5 Internet bill payment and online wires   Earn as high as 2.50% APY on your balance3 $10 monthly maintenance fee waived for a limited time 200 free paper transactions5 Internet bill payment and online wires 

So, earn on your balance or get cash back? Lower balances with active debit card users can earn more with Business Choice Checking, while higher balances will benefit from Business Premier Checking. To help decide which one might be best for your business, here’s a comparison: 

Avg. Balance vs. Debit Card Swipes Return Rate Avg. Monthly Earnings6 Avg. Yearly Earnings6 
Premier Checking (Earns on Balance) 
$250,000 Balance 2.50% APY3 $521 $6,250 
$50,000 Balance 1.75% APY3 $73 $875 
$5,000 Balance 1.00% APY3 $4 $50 
Choice Checking (Cash Back with Debit Card Swipes) 
80 Debit Card Transactions Per Month 10¢ Per Transaction2  $8 $96 
50 Debit Card Transactions Per Month 10¢ Per Transaction2 $5 $60 
30 Debit Card Transactions Per Month 10¢ Per Transaction2 $3 $36 

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