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New Year, Bigger Savings


Remember that New Year’s resolution you made about getting your finances in order? This is the year that you can actually do it! And it doesn’t need to be a tedious 12-month grind either. Here are a few ways to get started that are easy to keep and can have big payoffs.

  1. Refinance Your Mortgage – With historic low rates, no origination fee,1 and up to 95% financing, you could lower your monthly payment or even pay off your mortgage quicker!
  2. Refinance Your Auto Loan – With low rates, no application fee, and 90 days no payments,3 you could save big! Apply in minutes from the comfort of your home.
  3. Reduce Insurance Costs4– Our experts are ready to help you find the insurance plan that fits your needs and budget, and ultimately, save you money. Get your FREE home, auto, boat, or life insurance quote today!
  4. Consolidate Debt – Simplify and save by consolidating your high-interest rate loans from other financial institutions into one manageable monthly payment with a personal loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC).
  5. Free Financial Review – Not sure where to start? Let us help! We’ll look for ways to lower your payments and/or interest rates on your existing loans when you move them to Arkansas Federal. Call us at (800) 456-3000 or visit your local branch.


1. On eligible mortgages, borrower may have the 1% origination fee waived; however, this will increase the overall interest rate of the loan.

2. Interest continues to accrue during the deferred payment and credit score determines rate. First payments may be due up to 90 days from the date of the signed contract.

3. Investments/Insurance/Warranties: Not NCUA Insured. Not Credit Union Issued, Guaranteed or Underwritten. May Lose Value.

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