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Be Extra Careful in Aftermath of Capital One Breach


Capital One recently announced that it suffered a data breach in March exposing sensitive financial information of nearly 106 million bank customers or credit-card applicants.

Capital One is notifying those affected and unfortunately, cybercriminals are taking advantage. Be wary of any phone calls, emails or texts messages purporting to be related to the breach. Bad guys will use the situation to gain access to your sensitive information.

Watch out for the following things:

  • Phishing emails that claim to be from your financial institution where you can “check if your data was compromised.”
  • Phishing emails that claim there is a problem with a credit card, your credit record, or other personal financial information.
  • Calls from scammers that claim they are from your bank, a credit union, or a government institution.
  • Any unexpected communication requesting personal information, such as your Social Security Number.
  • Indications that your identity was stolen, such as fraudulent charges on your credit card or notifications that your credit score has lowered.

Arkansas Federal members have access to My Cards which allows you to turn your Arkansas Federal debit or credit card off and on, set limits, and receive alerts. Download our mobile app today for you iPhone or Android device.

Stay safe out there!

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