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Fraud Prevention – Stay Safe. Stay Aware.


No matter what shows up on your caller ID, it could be a scammer. Yes, it might say it’s Arkansas Federal’s number, but fraudsters are crafty and can spoof numbers. So, keep your sensitive information safe and protect yourself. Remember, Arkansas Federal will NEVER call, text or email you unprompted and ask you for sensitive account information or login credentials. There are legitimate times when we’ll call you, but you won’t be asked for sensitive information out of the blue. Again, if someone calls, texts, or emails you unexpectedly and asks for any of the following, don’t respond. If it’s a call, hang up immediately. If it’s a text or email, don’t respond or click on any links. A good rule of thumb is to ignore it, and then report it.

Remember, Arkansas Federal will never call you unprompted and ask for:

  • Any security or verification code you receive via text or email
  • Anything more than the last 4 digits of your debit or credit card
  • Your account or routing number
  • Your complete Social Security Number
  • Your digital banking password
  • Your PIN

If you reach out to us, though, we may ask you to verify yourself using a verification code, card number, or account number.

Here are a few more tips to help keep your personal and financial details safe.  

  • Use strong passwords. Create unique, strong passwords and change them often. Use 8+ characters with numbers, symbols, and upper/lowercase letters.
  • Protect your devices. Keep your phone, tablet, and computer updated with the latest browsers and operating systems to help protect against vulnerabilities.
  • Watch where you click. Make sure you know what you’re clicking on—whether on the internet, email, or text. Unsecured links can be used to gain access to your personal info.
  • Use Two Factor Authentication. With 2FA, you’ll provide your password/username, but also enter a unique code sent via email or text.
  • Use Secure Wi-Fi. When accessing your financial accounts online, avoid using public WiFi networks as they aren’t as secure as your secure network at home.

Visit our fraud and identity theft FAQs to learn about Arkansas Federal’s cybersecurity efforts and more ways to protect yourself from identity theft or online fraud.

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