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When it Comes to Online Phishing, Don’t Take the Bait


Social-media phishing scams are as dependable as death and taxes, and one prominent scam is making its way through Instagram.

This latest scam tries to trick people into logging into their Instagram account when in fact, they’re logging into an identical, fake account. Once the information is entered, you simply are handing over the keys to your account and the bad guys have what they need.

If you receive an Instagram message from an unknown user claiming to have seen your photos ranked on any kind of list, don’t click. The message will lead to a fake Instagram account with a promise that your “ranking” on these lists is just a log-in away. But the only thing waiting on the other side of this log-in is a bad guy, who now has access to your personal information.

Always remember these tips when using social-media platforms:

  • Never open or respond to social media messages from strangers. Even if the message appears to be from someone you know, be cautious. Their account may have been hacked.
  • Shortened links are often used on mobile phones and social media profiles. If you can’t see the full address of where a link is taking you, don’t click! Wait until you can view the link on a desktop and don’t click on any suspicious links.
  • Using shocking content to entice is one of the oldest tricks in the phishing book. If you receive an email or message claiming that your photos were seen somewhere, it’s most likely a scam. Don’t respond and delete the message immediately.

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