It’s your money to spend as you wish!

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Personal Signature Loan

A Personal Signature Loan from Arkansas Federal Credit Union can help you plan your budget with flexible terms and a fixed rate.

With a low-rate Personal Signature Loan, you can have complete spending confidence, with interest rates as low as 9.30% APR1 for 24 months, 9.55% APR1 for 36 months, or 10.05% APR1 for 48 months.
Your Personal Signature Loan is ideal for travel plans, home projects and more. It’s your money to spend as you wish!

What is a Signature Loan used for?

Signature loans are loans secured solely by a member's good name. Borrowing power is based on personal financial history, credit score, and current income.

What is a Signature Loan from a Credit Union?

Members with a monthly take-home pay of $500 or more can find out their eligibility for a Signature Loan by going through the application process. After an evaluation of the applicant's financial status, the amount of the Signature Loan, from $100 to the individual's maximum, is determined, based on the member's circumstances.

Advantages of a Personal Loan

No collateral required

Fixed rate

No prepayment penalty

No application or processing fee

Personal Loan Payment Examples

24 Months

Loan Amount APR Approx. Loan Payment
$1,000 9.30% $45.82
$2,500 9.30% $114.56
$5,000 9.30% $229.11

36 Months

Loan Amount APR Approx. Loan Payment
$1,000 9.55% $32.06
$2,500 9.55% $80.14
$5,000 9.55% $160.28

48 Months

Loan Amount APR Approx. Loan Payment
$1,000 10.05% $25.39
$2,500 10.05% $63.47
$5,000 10.05% $126.93


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1APR = annual percentage rate. Some restrictions apply. Normal credit criteria apply for rate. Offer and rates subject to change without notice.