It’s your money to spend as you wish!

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Personal Signature Loan

A Personal Signature Loan from Arkansas Federal Credit Union can help you plan your budget with flexible terms and a fixed rate.

With a low-rate Personal Signature Loan, you can have complete spending confidence, with rates as low as 9.30% APR1 for 24 months, 9.55% APR1 for 36 months, or 10.05% APR1 for 48 months.
Your Personal Signature Loan is ideal for travel plans, home projects and more. It’s your money to spend as you wish!

Signature loans are loans secured solely by a member's good name. Borrowing power is based on personal financial history, credit score, and current income.

Members with a monthly take-home pay of $500 or more can find out their eligibility for a Signature Loan by going through the application process. After an evaluation of the applicant's financial status, the amount of the Signature Loan, from $100 to the individual's maximum, is determined, based on the member's circumstances.

Advantages of a Personal Loan

No collateral required

Fixed rate

No prepayment penalty

No application or processing fee

Personal Loan Payment Examples

24 Months

Loan Amount APR Approx. Loan Payment
$1,000 9.30% $45.82
$2,500 9.30% $114.56
$5,000 9.30% $229.11

36 Months

Loan Amount APR Approx. Loan Payment
$1,000 9.55% $32.06
$2,500 9.55% $80.14
$5,000 9.55% $160.28

48 Months

Loan Amount APR Approx. Loan Payment
$1,000 10.05% $25.39
$2,500 10.05% $63.47
$5,000 10.05% $126.93


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1APR = annual percentage rate. Some restrictions apply. Normal credit criteria apply for rate. Offer and rates subject to change without notice.