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Speed Up Your 2019 Tax Refund


If you like getting your paycheck two days early with Early Pay, you’re going to love getting your tax refund early. When you have your federal and state refunds electronically deposited into your Arkansas Federal account, you can get your refund up to three weeks faster1.

Whether you prepare and file your taxes yourself, or pay someone else to do them for you, getting your tax refund through direct deposit with Arkansas Federal is easy and comes with some great perks!

Tax Refund: Direct Deposit Perks

  • Get your funds fast. According to the IRS, the best and fastest way to get your tax refund is to have it electronically deposited into your account. Otherwise, it could take three weeks or more to receive a mailed, paper check.
  • Get your funds even faster! Of course, direct deposit is going to beat traditional mail service, but did you know that Arkansas Federal can deposit your refund a full two days earlier than the scheduled posting date? That’s right. With Arkansas Federal, we deposit your money as soon as the Government sends notice that it intends on making a payment to you, not the payment itself. For many, this occurs a couple of days earlier than the scheduled deposit date.
  • It’s safer and more secure. With fraud on the rise, getting your return through direct deposit means your money cannot be lost or stolen, unlike a mailed paper check.
  • Money management made easy. Because the IRS lets you split your direct deposit refund across several accounts, you can easily manage your money. Put a portion of your return in your checking account and anoth​er portion into a savings or retirement account.

Here’s what you need:

  • Arkansas Federal’s Routing Number: 282075028
  • Your Arkansas Federal Account Number

1. Direct deposit and earlier availability of funds in your Arkansas Federal account are subject to your employer/payer, or benefit provider’s funding. Actual payment dates may vary.

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