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Spring Cleaning Your Financial House


Spring has sprung across Arkansas, or at least is springing to life. And rays of sunshine penetrate cluttered storage rooms heralding the annual rite of spring cleaning.

Perhaps spring’s a good time to “clean out” our finances as well. Clutter-filled closets aren’t exclusive to brick-and-mortar; our financial house could benefit from its own annual makeover.

For example, does your home and auto insurance reflect your most up-to-date life situations? Are your credit-card rewards justifying the high interest rates charged? Is an old bank account sitting dormant with a balance of $5?

A financial spring cleaning can include little things like closing an unused account and big deals like altering insurance coverage to better reflect your current situation. Arkansas Federal Credit Union can help de-clutter your finances.

Here’s a few things to consider for your own financial spring cleaning, tips that could help strengthen your financial house in the long run:

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