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Your First Home: A Major Life Milestone


Buying your first home represents a major life milestone.

It can represent many things — a first, full step into adulthood; the culmination of hard work and savings over many years; or perhaps simply the launch of an exciting, new adventure. Whichever it is, buying your first new home is a big deal.

Navigating each step in the home-buying process can be tricky, though: loan officers, real-estate agents, attorneys, title agents, paperwork, not to mention a whole new vocabulary full of words and concepts like principal and escrow… The process can be an intimidating one, especially for first-time buyers.

That’s where we come in. Arkansas Federal Credit Union strives to make the mortgage process quick and easy. Our loan officers take time to educate as they guide members through the entire process – loan, real estate and title.

Members Alyssa and Forrest Hickey of Little Rock recently bought their first house and were pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was. Working with Tery Young in Arkansas Federal’s west Little Rock office, the young couple realized their dream of homeownership.

“When we were ready, it was easy to navigate the website and find the contact information for Tery, and even easier to give her a call,” Alyssa said. “She answered right away and spoke to us in detail about what we would need to do to prepare for the process. She made the whole experience simple and pain-free.”

Read more about Alyssa and Forrest in the Arkansas Federal blog.

The Hickeys are just one example of a family moving forward with Arkansas Federal. Learn more about our home-loan products and services and check out our mortgage team.

The good memories created in your first home – the only first house you’ll ever have – will be ones that come to mind years and even decades down the road. We love to help our members make those memories. And remember, getting pre-approval for your loan through Arkansas Federal can provide confidence and help boost your negotiating power. Sellers love to hear that a potential buyer is pre-approved.

Not a member? No problem. Becoming a member is a snap. Membership is open to all residents of Arkansas, so shop our loan products and services and let’s see how we can help.

Give us a call, come by one of our 14 offices across the state or visit us online.

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