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Don’t Let the Bad Guys Take Advantage of You While Working Remotely


The COVID-19 virus has sent millions home to work remotely from home desks, coffee tables, maybe even back decks.

But don’t get too comfortable modeling the PJs/sweats look all day. The cybercriminals – who probably are in PJs themselves — are hard at work taking advantage of the global pandemic. The massive shift in the number of employees working from home, across the globe, represents an opportunity for the bad guys.

One scam entails cybercrooks calling and posing as support personnel from companies or services your employer may be using to allow you to work remotely. Typically, the caller will try and gain your trust by stating your job title, email address or other information they easily could have found online on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Next, they’ll tell you that you’ll be receiving an email that includes a link you need to click for important information about your ability to continue working remotely. Don’t fall for it. Any messages regarding your ability to work remotely will come from your employer, and no one else.

Here are some tips to remember from the KnowBe4 security team:

  • Never provide your personal information or work information over the phone unless you’re the one who initiated the call.
  • Scammers can spoof any number they’d like. Therefore, even if a call looks like it’s coming from a legitimate source, it could be a scam.
  • If you receive this type of call, hang up the phone immediately and notify the appropriate team in your organization.

The coronavirus is more than enough to worry about; don’t let these scumbags add to the list.

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