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Summer Travel Tips


It is that time of year when we all are looking forward to that well-earned vacation.  Before you go, you may want to do some of the following to help protect you and your family.

Stay off social media – Even though it is very tempting to post pictures while being on vacation, this could tip off criminals. Even with the highest security settings your personal information could be seen and shared.

Keep ID’s and cash separate – Keep some items in your wallet and some in your pockets.  Place extra cash in a safe if one is available, and only take what is needed for the day.

Use online banking – Monitor your accounts while on vacation and report any suspicious activity.  When using online banking make sure to not use public Wi-Fi; it is not a secure internet connection and can be compromised.

Be aware of scams – Research and see what scams are popular around your destination.

Stop your mail – If you are going to be out of town for several days you may want to stop the mail and schedule it to be delivered the day of your return.

Safeguard your home – Have a trusted neighbor keep watch on your home. Request that they pick up any newspapers, mail, or packages that arrive while you are gone and if reasonable, have the person enter you home each day to turn on a different light.

And lastly, keep the phone numbers to report your cards lost or stolen on hand – you may want to put these numbers in the contact list on your phone. If you have any questions regarding questionable activity on your account while on vacation, please contact us immediately at (800) 456-3000.

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