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Frank Tate: Through Arkansas Federal, an Extended Family


A bad experience with another banking institution led Frank Tate of Little Rock to Arkansas Federal Credit Union.

Frank wanted a “financial establishment that showed a little more faith” in him, and word-of-mouth led him to Arkansas Federal.

It wasn’t long before he realized that membership, open to all Arkansans, felt more like joining a family. And Arkansas Federal represents a family that looks out for its members.

Soon after joining, Frank entered the market for new auto insurance. He figured Arkansas Federal’s own independent insurance agency, which offers a full array of national brands offering home, auto and life insurance, was a good place to start.

Arkansas Federal agent Brittny Ingersoll was his first contact.

“I was impressed right away with her sincerity, her desire to help me improve my comprehension of financial issues, like loans, car insurance issues, credit ratings, etc.,” he said.

Though Frank got his new auto-insurance package, he couldn’t qualify for a signature loan needed for a trip to visit family in Ohio. Fortunately for him, Arkansas Federal considers Frank more a member of the family than a customer.

“Brittny allowed me to focus on what was possible instead of what was denied,” Frank said. “She gently persuaded me into believing in myself and even believing in her professional ability to improve my credit rating.”

Brittny referred Frank to financial-relationship consultant Will Clark, who was able to secure the loan. For good measure, Will refinanced Frank’s car, dropping the interest rate from 17 percent to 6 percent and lowering the payment $40 a month.

“I felt strongly that when I contacted Brittny about a loan the second time, she would make things happen for me. And, sure enough, she did,” Frank said. “Should the need arise in the future, I would not hesitate to continue my relationship with Arkansas Federal whether it be mortgage, savings or any other financial vehicle that I might choose to drive! And Brittny Ingersoll would be my first contact.”

Because of Arkansas Federal employees’ sincere desire to help and not simply run numbers, Frank was able to make the trip to Ohio and save some money in the process.

“This is what being the difference is all about,” Brittny said. “Members helping members through life’s events.”

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