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How To Open A Checking Account Online With Arkansas Federal Credit Union


If you’re looking to open a new checking account, opening an online checking account with Arkansas Federal Credit Union is fast and easy. 

Arkansas Federal offers checking accounts with lots of benefits and features. You can begin the process of opening a new checking account today by applying online or visiting one of our branches.

What Is a Checking Account?

A checking account is an account you can use for everyday payments and transactions, like paying bills, buying groceries, shopping, and other everyday spending. A major benefit  of a checking account is your ability to access your money. Checking accounts usually come with checks and a debit card, giving you easy access to your money. 

Some checking accounts require a minimum balance. This is important to look for when you’re researching checking accounts because if your balance falls below the required minimum balance, you could be charged a fee.

When you’re looking to open a checking account, be sure to also look at savings account options from the same financial institution. Some banks and credit unions offer special programs to help you use your checking account to build your savings. Having checking and savings at the same credit union can help you reach your financial goals by making it convenient to use and manage your money. 

Why Choose Arkansas Federal for Your Checking Account?

Arkansas Federal offers several different checking account options with different benefits and features depending on what you’re looking for from a checking account.

All of our accounts are federally insured by the NCUA and provide our members with benefits to help them achieve their financial goals.

Everyday Checking Account

Our everyday checking accounts have no minimum balance requirements and no monthly fee. With an Arkansas Federal everyday checking account, you will have access to the following:

  • Early pay: Ability to get paychecks deposited up to two days early*
  • Cents to savings: Access to automatic savings where you can choose to round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and send the difference to your savings
  • 24/7 Card Control: Ability to turn your card on and off, set spending limits, and receive alerts
  • Online and mobile banking: Once enrolled, access to your accounts 24/7 from almost anywhere 
  • Credit IQ: Once enrolled, you can view your credit score, monitor activity, and learn what impacts your credit score for free
  • Online bill pay: Ability to pay all of your bills directly through digital banking
  • E-statements, notices, and alerts: Once enrolled, you can get all of your important notifications electronically

Elite Checking Account

An Elite checking account has all of the same features as an Everyday checking account, all while earning a great rate on your balance. To get the best rate though, there are additional requirements such as maintaining a daily balance of $2,500, making at least 15 monthly debit card transactions that total at least $10 each, and having a monthly direct deposit of at least $1,000. Otherwise, you may need to pay a monthly fee.  

Premium Checking Account

The Premium checking account is similar to the Elite checking as you’ll earn on your balance, but the requirements to do so are a little different. With Premium checking, you need to also maintain a $2,500 balance, but you’re only required to make 10 or more transactions (debit, ACH, bill pay, etc.). Since the requirements for this account are a little less stringent, you’ll earn a slightly lower rate on your balance than with the Elite, but it’s still a great high-yield checking account to consider. 

Essential Checking Account

Our essential checking accounts offer the same features as everyday checking accounts but are intended for people looking to reestablish their checking credibility. This simple checking account can help you manage your money better while re-establishing your credit. If you’re interested in this type of checking account, you need to open it in person at your nearest branch

How to Open a New Checking Account Online

Opening a checking account with Arkansas Federal is fast and easy. To start the process, visit the checking account page and select open an account.

If you’re not already a member of Arkansas Federal, you can become a member as part of the application process. If you are a member, all you have to do is log in to digital banking, select “Quick Apply” to request a new account.

You should be prepared with the proper documentation, such as a government issued ID, when applying for a checking account. You must enter personal information to prove your identity and be prepared to transfer funds. The process is quick, easy, and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

Open a Checking Account Today

Opening a checking account online with Arkansas Federal is a fast and easy process. We offer a variety of checking account types that all come with a long list of features and benefits.

Visit our website or one of our local branches today to start the process of opening a checking account today.

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