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Vacation Loans: All the Fun, None of the Credit Card Debt


Are you tired of the stress and worry of putting your vacations on a credit card? It can be so stressful to come back from a trip, find yourself buried in debt, and wonder how you will dig yourself out. There’s a better solution: a vacation loan from Arkansas Federal Credit Union

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “A loan for a vacation? That sounds crazy!” But hear us out. Vacation loans are actually meant for travel expenses and often come with lower interest rates than credit cards. Plus, with a set loan amount and repayment schedule, you can budget more effectively for your trip and avoid overspending.  

Interested? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a vacation loan for your travel plans, including the ability to travel now and pay later while staying on budget.  

What is a Vacation Loan?  

A vacation loan is a personal loan specifically meant to cover vacation-related expenses such as airfare, hotel rooms, rental cars, tours, food, and other vacation costs. And the best part? You can use it to fund your dream vacation to any place you desire!  

The loan amount varies based on your creditworthiness and other factors, but it typically ranges from a few thousand dollars to about $10,000.2 So, if you’re planning a vacation but need some extra cash, a vacation loan could be a great option. 

10 Benefits of a Vacation Loan 

Using a vacation loan instead of a credit card or savings has many benefits. Here are 10 reasons why.  

  1. Travel Now, Pay Later. Enjoy your vacation fully now and pay for it later without draining your savings or racking up high credit card debt. This way, you seize the moment and start making memories now without the added financial stress. 
  2. One Loan, Endless Destinations. With one easy loan, you’ll have the world at your fingertips, whether it’s a family vacation at the beach, a European excursion or a magic trip to Disney. So, go ahead and plan your itinerary, book your flights, secure accommodations, and more—all without worrying about high credit card debt. 
  3. Fast Approval, Faster Cash. Once you apply online and get approved, funds are deposited into your Arkansas Federal Account as soon as the same day!4 That’s right – no waiting around for checks to clear or funds to transfer.  
  4. Fixed Rate, Fixed Payments. Know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Enjoy one low monthly payment—no surprises, no sudden spikes in interest rates or payments. So, you can savor every moment, without worrying about your budget.  
  5. $0 Application Fee. Our vacation loans have absolutely zero application fees! That’s right, there are no pesky application or origination fees to worry about. Just straightforward borrowing – pay back your loan with interest and let your adventure begin!  
  6. No Collateral. There’s no collateral, such as your home, car, or other assets, required with our hassle-free vacation loan. 
  7. Low Rates. The interest rate tied to a vacation loan is typically lower than most credit cards, so you can keep more money in your pocket.  
  8. Set Payoff Date. With a vacation loan, you’ll have a specific date for when it will be paid off. That way, there’s no confusion, and you know exactly when you’ll be debt-free. Unlike credit cards, where you could be stuck making minimum payments forever, and the balance never seems to go down, a vacation loan has a specific date for when it will be paid off.  
  9. Credit Builder. A vacation loan is a great way to build credit. Consistently making on-time payments can build your credit history and score in the long run.   
  10. Peace of Mind. Knowing that you have the funds to cover your travel expenses can be such a relief, so you can fully enjoy your vacation without worrying about how you will pay for it. So, you can relax and focus on creating unforgettable memories. After all, that’s what vacations are for!  

Compare & Save 

BalanceInterest Rate Monthly Payment 3-Year Interest Paid Paid off in 3 years? 
High-Interest Credit Card $10,000 22.5% APR3 $400 (min payment)5 $4,889 No 
Fixed-Rate Vacation Loan $10,000  as low as 9.39% APR APR is Annual Percentage Rate. As of 03/11/2024 the 9.39% APR are for terms up to 36 months and 10.39% for terms up to 60 months and assumes a 740 or higher credit score. Some restrictions apply. Normal credit criteria apply for rate. Offer and rate subject to change without notice. Membership with Arkansas Federal Credit Union is required for this offer. $314 (fixed payment) $1,513 Yes 
Estimated Savings with Arkansas Federal $3,376 

Apply for a Vacation Loan Today 

If you want to finance your dream vacation without worrying about expenses, applying for a vacation loan is a great option. With fixed payments and low-interest rates, vacation loans are ideal for covering expenses. 

Applying for a vacation loan is quick and easy. Once approved, you can have your money in hours. Apply online in minutes.

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