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Get paid up to two days early with Arkansas Federal's Early Pay


Tired of waiting for pay day? Wait no longer with Arkansas Federal’s Early Pay.

Early Pay allows members with an Arkansas Federal checking account or savings account and direct deposit, to get paid up to two (2) days1 earlier with digital banking. That’s two (2) extra days to do more with your money.

Do you have an Arkansas Federal checking account or savings account but are still receiving a paper paycheck? Direct deposit is easy to setup, and is the fastest, and most secure way to get your paycheck. Your employer can help you setup a direct deposit to your Arkansas Federal checking account or savings account, but they will need a few key pieces of information – your Arkansas Federal checking account number, our routing number (282075028), and a voided check. Once direct deposit is setup, you’ll no longer have to wait in limbo or deal with paper paychecks again. Start enjoying the benefit of getting paid up to two (2) days early by setting up direct deposit today!

If you have any questions about direct deposit or Arkansas Federal’s Early Pay just call us at (501) 982-1000.

1. Direct deposit and earlier availability of funds in your Arkansas Federal checking account are subject to your employer’s support of the feature and timing of employer’s funding. Actual payment dates may vary from pay period to pay period.

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